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Hi there!

We have some exciting news.

We opened the first Moksha Yoga studios in Toronto back in 2004. Since then, our community has grown to over 80 studios in Canada, the U.S., France and Australia. We could not have imagined this outcome but we are incredibly inspired by the community that has grown over the past 14 years.

On November 1, 2018, Moksha Yoga studios in Canada will change their name to Modo Yoga, a name that is currently used by our studios in the U.S, France and Australia. If you are a student in Canada – your studio experience will stay the same. The only thing that is changing is our name.

We are one studio family that is rooted and inspired by our 6 Pillars. All studios offer the same accessible classes, all are committed to creating a more sustainable world, all believe in the power of community to effect positive change, and all strive to create more peace in the world.

Our Pillars

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Be Healthy

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Be Accessible

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Be Green

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Be Community

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Live To Learn

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Be Peace

Why Are We Changing Our Name in Canada?

Having two names is confusing. Last year, our studio owners came together and collectively decided to make this change in Canada so that all studios could unite under one name. To honour our roots, the name “Moksha Yoga” will live on through the Karma Yoga classes (by donation, for charity) offered each week by Canadian studios.

Modo Means A Place For All

It’s a name we created to reflect the deep intention of every studio to welcome all bodies, all races, all genders, all abilities and all kinds of people. We're excited that our united name now reflects this mission.

Community Improvements

To celebrate this milestone, we are sprucing a few things up. Be on the lookout for our new website launching November 1st and a new app and sign-in platform in the new year.

Thank You

Together we’ve created inclusive, fun, and environmentally-friendly spaces that serve as a home away from home for so many. For 14 years, millions of students have breathed together and sweat together. Along the way, we’ve also raised over $3.2 million for local and international charities. None of this would have been possible without the love and dedication of our students, staff, teachers and studio owners.

Big love and massive thanks,

Jess Robertson and Ted Grand

Co-founders of Modo Yoga

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